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Participant Information

What Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival is about?

It’s Holland's unique cultural-educational Brazilian Zouk Festival, that will take place in Amsterdam, from 18th to 23rd of August 2021. This is an exceptional event that provides a unique combination of theory and practice about dance (Brazilian Zouk )and Brazilian culture, where the world top instructors and best Deejays come together to play a key role. Where the whole team, from the organization to the volunteer's works together with the artists, passionately, to create the most incredible dance experience for all participants from all over the globe and crew. We invite you to join us and complete the dance training. Take the chance to master the choreography created by the top teachers and to learn techniques with elements of many different styles and concepts like Neozouk, Soulzouk, Rio Style, Urban & Modern Zouk, Lambazouk, etc. Straight from the creators and great masters. But AZZF is not only about classes – it is 6 days and nights of 24/7 awesome parties and socials, into an exciting experience, a large amount of knowledge, fun, motivation, high-quality class & entertainment all in one place.Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival is also known for its great schedule and intimate medium to small classes that allow the participants to dancing, learn close by the teachers, and have fun in a family feeling environment. Convenient and safe, and better of all of it, brings everybody together and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Where can I find the rules for taking part of the workshops ?

At Ticket Information page-> sub-page: downloads you can find the full version of the most important regulations.
Here below, you can find the quick version of a few important rules for participating in the workshops:
1- Take part in the workshops is assuming that you read, understand, and accept all rules pre-made for the following of the workshops (check the full version of the Regulations).
2- The participant has to follow the teachers and organizations workshops instructions;
3- A pass or wristband is required to enter every workshop.
4- Passes/wristbands are personal – their resale to other people without the organization’s permission is forbidden and will cause de validation of your subscription. 5- The organization has the right to check the participant’s document ID to validate your wristband. 6-Wristbands are not assigned to a specific class (except for the classes that require an audition, these means the participant will receive 1 or more extra wristbands to identify he is approved). 7- For leveling to work, we need all our participants to play by the rules. We ask that all participants respect workshop levels. Each workshop room will have a volunteer checking for appropriate wristbands. You will be asked to leave the classroom if you do not have it and/ or If you attempt to take workshops multiple times without the appropriate wristband, you may be asked to leave the event. 8- To maintain the high quality of the classes, in case of overcrowded, the organization has the right to limit the number of people in the classroom. In such case entrance priority is reserved for the Full Passes Diamond, Premium, and Gold, holders. Participants that holds another type of packages and were not allowed into the chosen workshop we apologize for upfront and will be gently asked for the comprehension in checking for one of the plenty of other workshops options AZZF has to offer. 9- Bringing own food(exception excepted with special diet prescription) or alcoholic beverages, smoking, and possession of hallucinogenic substances during the workshops and parties is strictly prohibited. The organization has the right to remove from the classroom/ dancefloor, the student who breaks this rule with a penalty of the expulsion of the event without any refund.
10- Advanced and Challenge workshops at AZZF require either an audition or points with the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council (BZDC) for admission. You do not need to audition for Intermediate or Open classes. ( Check the full version of the regulations )
11- Before arriving, we encourage you to check which level sounds most like you: Newcomers, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Challenge ( Check full classification of the levels).
12- If a teacher considers that any participant is disturbing the flow and continuity of the workshops, each and any of the teachers has the right to ask the participant to leave the classroom, if the individual refuses to collaborate, and insist in staying, the organization has the right to invite the participant to leave the event without right of refund of the paid fees.
13- Video/audio recording and taking photographs of the classes and shows are only allowed with the permission of each teacher.
14- Taking participation in the workshops is equivalent to agreeing freely and irrevocably use of your images, in photos, videos, and/or any material containing the image of the participants for marketing purposes by the AZZF organization and the entities that are cooperating with the festival.
16- All attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers at the Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival are required to agree with our code of conduct. Our Team Crew will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all involved, crew, artists, and participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.
17- The Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment from conference professional guests or participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery are not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter, and other online media. Any AZZF artists/ crew violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the festival without any previous agreement of payments and participants without a refund at the discretion of the AZZF organizers. ( check the full version ).

Couldn't find your question about the Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival ?

-> Send your message to info@vibelatina.com to get general information about AZZF or discuss any organizational issues. ->Please contact us at: office@vibelatina.com if your inquiry relates to: *sponsorship / partnership *marketing cooperation *press/media relations *other forms of cooperation.

How do I become a AZZF participant?

You can purchase your tickets, online, via the website, bank transfer or on the spot at Vibe Latina's, headquarter's weekly (check the open time), or at the reception door before and during the festival, only if there are still spots left, (cash payment in EUR or PIN).
Stay tuned and benefit from great discounts on our social media: You can also look for one of our ambassadors, partners or group organizers, any of that you must register via the website or contact us at info@vibelatina.com.
->But be quick, as the number of discounted tickets, are limited and end fast (last year they were sold out long before the event).
->Newcomers and Performers pass are eligible to have a low price due to a motivational program if you are or know someone who could profit from that contact us at discounts@vibelatiana.com.
- If you are underage (less than 18 years old), the registration form should be filled out and confirmed by your parent or legally responsible.
Your registration will only be accepted if we register your payment no later than 3 days after submitting the form (please, be alert on the deadlines). *** Want to participate but is short in money, you can pay in till 3 terms, once the last payment is before August the 10th. This is valid for any type of full pass. Talk to us!
CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION ● You need a valid ticket which must be displayed on arrival to exchange it for the related event pass.
● The paper ticket remains the property of Vibe Latina Dance Events.
● Removing any part of, altering or defacing the Ticket may invalidate Your Ticket. It is Your responsibility to check Your Tickets as if you have made a mistake, it cannot always be rectified after purchase. Please check your Tickets on receipt carefully and contact us immediately if there is a mistake.

Do I have to be experienced dancer to come to AZZF?

Not at all, we have classes for all levels, from the beginning to the professional. The workshops are designed to bring the knowledge for those who are willing to learn properly, understanding the culture behind the dance, respecting the roots and the branches, but we do not set any limits. The most important thing is that you love dancing and want to learn as much as we do.
The themes chosen to compose an hourly series, are calculated to bring all the information progressively to facilitate the understanding and personal development of the participants formally and productively, all organized together and professionals of our students and healing their curiosities.
Both amateurs and professionals are able to sharpen their skills according to your own challenge. And even if you don’t manage to do it perfect all the details, apply all the technique or learn precisly the choreography, we ensure you that the classes will boost your motivation and tbring your dance to the next level.
Be part of the AZZF workshops are an unforgettable experience – no matter what are your skills, age or style! And that’s the beauty of it!
All Classes are taught in English.

Why I haven't received confirmation yet?

-> Purchasing with Different Payment Method types Using bank transfer or PayPal separated platform disconnect from our ticket mastered tool, make sure you identify your ticket type(specify your product), filling in your complete name, and your e-mail for further communication.
The confirmation of payment of the method used (bank or Paypal) gives you the excess to the event, you can present it with a document with a photo at the reception desk, your name will be placed at our participant lists. If it is of your wish, you can always send us a screenshot of the payment confirmation page and ask for an e-ticket.
You will only get an e-mail from the organization if there is anything mistaken on your purchase price paid no equivalent of the ticket type you described or any doubt on the ticket type, missing or incomplete information, etc. **Remember: the purchase will be considered valid given
d to our PayPal or bank account, we will proceed with the validation, (please make sure you have the full amount of the ticket + de PayPal fee in transfer).
If you do not get an e-mail, it means its all good with your purchase.
If you still want to receive one specific Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival's E-Ticket contacts us. ATTENTION: We usually respond within 2 hours on our social media and up to 2 days via the e-mail, if this time exceeds we apologize in advance and ask you to contact us via ou social media informing about the sent of your e-mail. We frequently check our spam boxes but, it might get missing due to the number of messages coming in.
Please make sure you check your spam box and/or any other tabs out of your inbox(Offers, Notifications, etc.)! It would be best if you added our address (info@vibelatina.com) to trusted contacts.
We are putting the effort to improve our mailing system, but we still cannot avoid the unfortunates of missing e-mails. Other changes have to be consulted with our staff via e-mail: info@vibelatina.com. If you identify any technical problems or can see mistakes in any of our systems or your profile, please let us know as fast at office@vibelatina.com.
For anything in we can help you out please do not hesitate to contact us!

Mobile app

We know that nowadays mobile apps are a hit, and let's agree that's most of the time makes our life's easies and actions faster. So, Be It!!! We are working on our app to make you have an even greater experience. Pretty soon you will be able to download it directly from the website using App Store or Google Play. Schedule, maps, news and all important information about the event of your dreams on your mobile phone. Stay tuned!!

Do AZZF have its on Code of conduct?

Yes, you can find it at Ticket Information page -> downloads here in the website. And you can always ask one of our staff and crew.

Did the AZZF20 is Cancel or Postponed?

Due to the Corona crises, we are forced to reschedule ou event to 2021, which will take place on August 18th-23rd. The Dutch governmental authorities have considered any sports and /or dance events is still not safe to be released at least until September 2020. We are sad and sorry to have to skip this year's edition, no other way our biggest priority is the safety of any of the ones involved in AZZF.

Am I entitled to ask for a refund or carry my ticket on to the next event?

As a consumer, you are always entitled to a refund of the ticket price. However, the current corona crises mean that the financial impact so big is for the sector that many organizers like us could go bankrupt, should everyone with a ticket reclaim their money. So we really appreciate it if you can save your ticket and enjoy us next year.
For more information about how to proceed, please check ticket information -> Downloads.

General Information

Who do I have to contact for personal information about this event?

For information about this event, please contact Amsterdam Zouk Festival ( info@vibelatina.com) or via our instagram @znlfestival_official or via facebook @amsterdamznlzoukfestival.

To who should I speak regarding issues over my ticket ?

All issues related to the sale of tickets and the hosting of the event should be directed to the event organizer Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival. Ruanita Santos - production@vibelatina.com

Who operates AZZF?

Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival is a boutique event operated by Vibe Latina by Ruanita Santos, Vibe Latina Dance Events, Kvk number: 67085776 BTW number: NL636149316B01.

Cut off Dates for Pricing

Cut off dates for each ticket type are in Amsterdam Standard Time. -> Cut off dates for each ticket type are found at booking ticket information -> booking information and are in Amsterdam Standard Time. As this is a boutique event with limited capacity, should ticket for the event sell out, we will operate a waiting list on our booking system.


Vibe Latina Dance Events is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase of this ticket or attendance at the event. * We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to your personal property while at the venue. 6.3 According to our terms and conditions ( check the full version) ticket Information-> Downloads. In any case of cancellation -> We will not accept liability for any indirect, special or consequential losses, including (for example, Flight or any type of transportation and accommodation.) loss of profits, revenue, contracts, data or goodwill.

By Purchasing a ticket

By purchasing a ticket the buyer agrees to the transfer and cancellation policy found on the Ticket information -> download sub-page. Transfer Policy quick version -> If you purchase your ticket and due to a change in circumstances are no longer able to attend the festival, you can transfer your ticket, and it is your responsibility to find the recipient. You are welcome to make it known you are looking via the Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival Facebook page and once you have agreed to the transfer, email the recipient’s details to the AZZF Team at info@vibelatina.com Cancellation Policy quick version -> All passes and tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred as per our Transfer Policy if you can find a replacement. If you choose to cancel your ticket please contact the AZZF Team at info@vibelatina.com. Changes quick version -> For all ticketing inquiries, any booking changes, please contact the AZZf team at issue@vibelatina.com.

About Payments fees

The Paypal/Credit Card surcharge on the website is to cover fees passed on by our merchant and as such is not negotiable or refundable.

Is Flight and accomodation inculded on the full pass ?

By purchasing a ticket the buyer agrees to the transfer and cancellation policy found on the Ticket information -> download sub-page. Transfer Policy quick version -> After the purchase of your ticket and due to a change in circumstances are no longer able to attend the festival, you can transfer your ticket, and it is No, Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival Ticket does not include Flights or Accommodation. Accommodation can be booked directly from the IBIS west hotel website using the unique discount code. Want to know more about please see the Venue & Accommodation page.
-> Attending to request and to offer more commodities to ou participants, we are preparing a special package including accommodation and food there will be launch very soon. Stay Tuned!!

How can I subscribe for the Jack & Jill Competition?

To be eligible to compete in the Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival Jack & Jill Competitions must have already purchased an AZZF FULL Pass Diamond, Premium, or FULL Golden Pass and pay 25 euros subscription fee. -> NON of the full passes includes the subscription fee, you have to pay separately, this fee is to cover the costs of hosting the competition. (Council, merchandising and prizes)

Who is eligible to purchase the Performer Pass?

* To be eligible to purchase the PERFORMER Pass: team leader of each performance team must first have submitted the performance application at the booking information page for consideration. * Please note: only the team leader from each team needs to submit this form on behalf of the whole team. * Team members should wait until their performance application has been approved as they have received their unique PERFORMER PassCode before booking their ticket. Performance Applications close on 27th July 2021.​

About Terms & Conditions

It is a condition of purchase that you have read and agree to the event terms and conditions.
Need to know more about please check the full version of our Terms & Conditions and Terms of using the website at the Event information -> Downloads pages.

Still did not get all the answers about ticketing contact the AZZF Team at info@vibelatina.com.

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